Company Objectives

Safety at sea and prevention of human injury or loss of life and damage of property shall always be given top priority and shall never be compromised.

Miklagard S Gemi İşletmeciliği ve Ticaret A.Ş. believes that:

  • Accidents are caused; they don’t just happen, therefore they are preventable.
  • Prevention is better than reaction and, in the long run, less costly.
  • Each company employee has personal responsibility for his own safety as well as for the safety of others.
  • No business objective is of such importance to be pursued at safety’s sacrifice.
  • A job is well done only if it is done safely.

Company shall always comply with all statutory requirements and legislation, apply recognized industry standards and take into account the codes, guidelines and standards recommended by the maritime industry organizations, as appropriate. Miklagard S Gemi İşletmeciliği ve Ticaret A.Ş. endeavors to establish a safe working environment and promote a philosophy throughout the Company, which is focused on a preventive approach to safety and protection of the environment. In this context the Company has developed its Safety Management System (SMS), which provides controls to:

  • Identify all risks involved in its operations and establish safeguards against them.
  • Minimize the effects of any accidents that may happen and prevent their re-occurrence.
  • Continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard managed vessels.
  • Comply with all applicable laws and mandatory rules and regulations and consider the practices recommended by the I.M.O., the flag administrations, the classification societies and the maritime industry organizations.

The Company’s Safety Management System (SMS) has been developed in accordance with the International Safety Management Code and defines the methods used to achieve its Safety and Environmental Protection Policy and the associated objectives. Its implementation ensures that all applicable requirements related to managing the ships of its clients will be satisfied.

The Ship Masters are the Company’s representatives and responsible for SMS implementation onboard. They are given the overriding authority and the responsibility to make decisions with respect to safety and pollution prevention. They may request the Company’s assistance as may be necessary at any time.

The management of Miklagard S Gemi İşletmeciliği ve Ticaret A.Ş. considers its SMS as the basic tool for providing consistently safe ship management service, providing sufficient resources and reviewing it regularly to ensure its continuous suitability and effectiveness. The management commits itself in active implementation of the SMS and requires all involved personnel to do the same.

Every suggestion for improvement will be given full attention and will be brought to the attention of the highest level of management.

All Company’s employees, ashore and at sea, are expected to comply with this policy and use their best judgment, knowledge, experience, common sense and good maritime practice to carry out their assigned duties in a safe way. Unsafe acts or practices shall not be tolerated.

In the interest of protection of human life, safety at sea and protection of the environment the Company has adopted the D&A Policy with respect to consumption of drugs & alcohol on board the vessel.

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