Crew Manning

Miklagard-S manning policy will always support effective ways of protecting people, property and the environment through the selection and training of safety conscious marine personnel.

Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the STCW conventions, MLC 2006, international rules and ISM codes. The key here is a long-term approach based on excellent human resources practices.

Religion, race and gender are not criteria for the selection and employment of the ship or the office staff, other than technical skills. In this regard, personal beliefs and needs of staff are respected. The company prefers to follow the one nationality policy on board to avoid any miscommunication and consequent breach of safety rule on board.

Training is a part and parcel of good crew management. Miklagard-S ensures that each crewmember recruited has the proper training and qualification prior joining a vessel or office.

Health, safety and environmental protection are top priorities on which we will not compromise.

We are firmly committed to achieving “zero incidents, zero spills” in our operations.

To achieve in this aim, We recruit and train only the highest quality crew. We belive that the most important factor in management of vessels is the quality of officers and ratings.

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