Crew Training

Miklagard-S Ship Management SA believes that strong training programme is the only way for absolute success. The training system includes training programmes which provide access to Videos and Computer-based Trainings.

During the Recruitment Process all officers carry out an on-line assessment as part of the pre-assessment test in accordance with the specific duties. No candidate who fails the pre-assessment test will be employed. Successful candidates have to begin an office training program before joining the vessel.

All seafarers are monitored by internal and external audits, and superintendents evaluation reports. Additional training needs are determined with this reports.

Cadets, and trainees, to be the ‘lifeblood’ of our industry.

The correct reasons for recruitment cadets to revolve around the future employment needs of the company.

Investing in cadets does not only entail cadet fees and allowances.

We try to provide structured career progression with real opportunity for advancement to the most senior ranks.

We all believes that a cadet is not just on board as an extra pair of hands, they are there to train to become future officers.

Therefore, it is a significant loss when cadets are not trained but used just as another AB.

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