Azra-S Floats in Cool Waters

The Company policies for Health & Safety, Environmental Protection, Security and Quality of service are stated in the section of SMS Manual.

Özden-S passes through the Bosphorus.

Safety at sea and prevention of human injury or loss of life and damage of property shall always be given top priority and shall never be compromised.


All personnel ashore and onboard managed ships must understand, implement and maintain the company policies.

Services of Miklagard-S

Framed copies of the company policies together with Company’s Mission Statement duly signed by the Board of Directors are placed in prominent locations in the shore offices and aboard all managed ships.

Technical Management

Miklagard-S Ship Management SA believes that strong training programme is the only way for absolute success. The training system includes training programmes which provide access to Videos and Computer-based Trainings.


Miklagard-S manning policy will always support effective ways of protecting people, property and the environment through the selection and training of safety conscious marine personnel.

About Miklagard-S
Miklagard S Ship Management SA is established in February 2019 in cooperation with SNR group based in Istanbul and Norwegian RFOCEAN AS based in Oslo.As a result of this cooperation, nearly 30 years of SNR group's ship management experience & SMS, office staff and crew on fleet vessels were transferred to the newly established company.SNR Group (Sener Petrol Shipping SA) constructed and managed dozens of Chemical Oil Tankers who trades in spot Chemical/oil market as well as under long term T/C of BP, Shell, Total, Opet, Petrol ofisi etc.

Our Fleet


Our Team

We are strong with our expert team

With our expert team, we are with you from crisis management, financial evaluation, electronic infrastructure support to operation management.

Tuğrul Şeremet

Marine Superintendent

Tevfik Çakmak

Personnel Manager

Aykut Demir

Technical Superintendent

Muammer Kuzu

Technical Superintendent

Başak Yapal

Purchasing Specialist

Tayfun Bozoğlu

General Manager / MD

Capt. Mustafa Durmaz

DPA / CSO / HSEQ Manager

Nejat Gençay

Technical Manager

Doruk Ocaklı

Operations Manager

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